Sight Project 2013

The Garden City Noon Lions Club appreciates your donation of $20.00

  1. $1000  VISA Gift Card РGolden Plains Credit Union
  2. $500 Chamber of Commerce “Chamber Bucks”
  3. $500 Gift Card at Wharton’s For Every Blooming Thing!
  4. $500 Gift Card at Regan’s Jewelry
  5. $500 Gift Card at Kep’s Mens Wear
  6. $500 Gift Card at Ehresman’s – Plank’s BBQ
  7. $500 Gift Card at Samy’s – Clarion
  8. $500 Gift Card at Wheat Lands Store – Fuel
  9. $500 Gift Certificate at Office Solutions
  10. $500 Gift Certificate at Baker Boot
  11. $500 Gift Certificate at Little Britches
  12. $500 Gift Certificate at Burtis Motors

If you need tickets please contact us:





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